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2021 Boise City Swing Instructors

                                                                                                                             Stephanie Hinton - Boise, ID



Stephanie Hilton started dancing in 1998 learning primarily Tap and stage choreography.

A talented percussionist, Stephanie has been studying music since 1992. She has played in

marching bands, community groups, and orchestras, and uses her musical knowledge to

train dancers by giving them the tools they need to understand musicality and timing.

Stephanie started teaching at Heirloom Dance Studio with Joel Hunter in 2012.

She has brought and excess of skill and knowledge with her that has helped the dance

scene in Boise grow in both skill and number.​                                                                    





                                                                                                                                     Joel Hunter - Boise, ID



Joel Hunter has been dancing since 2003 in a wide variety of dances, has

been teaching dance since 2005, and opened up his own studio in 2007 in

order to build the dance scene in  Boise. Continuing to grow the

community to this day, Joel owns and operates Heirloom Dance Studio and

organizes Boise's largest Swing event 'Boise City Swing'. Skilled in various

styles of Ballroom, Latin, and Swing, he specializes on dances that focus on

improvisation, creativity, lead/follow, musicality, and connection. His

innovative and unconventional teaching stile has helped many students to

grow in their dance by giving them the tools they need to creativity

interpret the music and clearly communicate with their partner.

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